Sisqo's 'Thong Song' Line 'Dumps Like a Truck' Is Not About What You Think

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Sisqo's 'Thong Song' Line 'Dumps Like a Truck' Is Not About What You Think

He also says he'll never be sick of this song.

Published August 26, 2016

“Thong Song” has been soundtracking parties, long car rides and retail stores for sixteen years. Sisqo’s timeless classic is a song that even he admits he will never tire of hearing or performing and made for an impressive debut back when the recording artist was only 22 years old.

Throughout the years, the lyrics behind his hit single have had people wondering what exactly he means when he sings the track's catchy chorus, “She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck / Thighs like what, what, what / Baby move your butt, butt, butt / I think I'll sing it again."

In a new interview, Sisqo helps clear it all up for the first time since the song hit airwaves.

By definition, namely on the popular website Urban Dictionary, the phrase “dumps like a truck” is reminiscent of the phrase “junk in the trunk,” or a large booty. On the contrary, another popular interpretation is less mature — taking a large bowel movement.

When these two interpretations were brought up to Sisqo, he finally decided to speak on it.

The line, much to the relief of some, is not about poop. In fact, Sisqo says, “That would mean I’m some sort of a fecal freak.”

Going on to clarify further, he explains that the meaning behind the infamous line is actually in reference to a dance move.

“What I was really referring to was ― a dump truck when it backs up, it’s like, ‘beep, beep beep’” he says. “So, ‘she had dumps like a dump truck’ is, like, when girls do a booty dance move and they look back at their butt. She’s like a dump truck back-back-backing it up.”

Alright then. That clears that up! We feel better now.

Check out Sisqo’s recent interview with the Huffington Post in full here

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)


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