See Ice Cube's Hilarious Threat to Donald Trump

See Ice Cube's Hilarious Threat to Donald Trump

Don't mess with Compton, bruh.

Published August 28, 2016

Just weeks after Donald Trump told a crowd in Detroit that Black people should vote for him because "what the hell do you have to lose," one of his supporters messed with the wrong one by falsely claiming that rapper and actor Ice Cube is on Team Trump.

Cube took to Twitter to contradict the fake endorsement, and added some of his own fighting words.

The rapper shared a picture of the fake ad, whose origins are not clear, and followed it with a stern warning for the Republican candidate:

The Donald has become infamous for half-truths and straight up lies during his confounding campaign. While he thankfully hadn't retweeted this particular misleading meme, looks like Cube cut that option off for good.

Watch Cube reveal who he's actually voting for in our exclusive interview, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: Jason Kempin/Getty Images, Scott Eisen/Getty Images)


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