A 'Drake and Rihanna' Website Popped Up Online, and Everybody Went Crazy

A 'Drake and Rihanna' Website Popped Up Online, and Everybody Went Crazy

There's one problem though...

Published August 31, 2016

We all had a minor freakout incident yesterday (August 30) when a Drake and Rihanna website became live and featured a countdown to… something?

DrakeRihanna.com set social media ablaze with speculation as to what exactly would happen when the clock struck zero. Everything from marriage to a joint performance on Drake’s Summer '16 Tour was being guessed. We now know though that the site was a fake.

A source close to Drizzy’s camp confirmed with Complex that the Toronto rapper has nothing to do with the website. The countdown clock was then replaced by a video featuring Joanne the Scammer, the alter ego of comedian Branden Miller.

"You know, a lot of speculation around this website, as it should, I mean it's for Drake and Rihanna," Joanne says in the video. "But really, really it isn't. I made this goddamn account."

The website Select All claims the hoax was created in coordination with the comedy site Super Deluxe. The timing made everything that more believable as the two lit up the stage at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. Drake also recently put up a billboard to celebrate Rihanna’s success.

Oh well, you got us. Check out some of the reaction to the website’s internet introduction below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: LA Photo Lab / Splash News)


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