How, Sway: Tyga's Car Got Repossessed... While He Was Car Shopping

Tyga checks out a vintage car on Sunset Blvd and takes selfies with fans before hopping in his Lamborghini with a friend
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How, Sway: Tyga's Car Got Repossessed... While He Was Car Shopping

This is the most Tyga headline ever.

Published August 31, 2016

Tyga’s accumulated so many SMH headlines that it’s almost normal something eye-rolling happens to him every so often.

Take this incident for example; the L.A. rapper decided to go car shopping for a new Bentley in Calabasas yesterday (August 30), however instead of driving two cars home (the one he came in and a new Bentley), he ended up stranded for a bit at the dealership.

Apparently Tyga’s Ferrari was repossessed while he was shopping for a new whip. D’oh! (*Homer Simpson voice.*) TMZ is reporting that Tyga’s ol’ pal, the repo man, decided to show up at the dealer while the rapper was shopping, and with his spare key, scooted away with the Ferrari.

Tyga is once again behind on lease payments for the car. Good news for him though, he got a ride home from one of the homies. It seems like this car is earning Tyga more embarrassment than style points.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: LA Photo Lab / Splash News)


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