Verdict In: Bobby Shmurda Accepts Plea Deal After Tense Negotiations

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Verdict In: Bobby Shmurda Accepts Plea Deal After Tense Negotiations

Details on his long-awaited sentencing.

Published September 9, 2016

Bobby Shmurda finally had his (last) day in court, with the rapper reportedly accepting a plea deal earlier Friday afternoon (September 9).

This verdict has been a long time in the works, with Shmurda being denied bail seven times since first being locked up in December 2014. He’s been offered a plea deal in the past, but this is the final one that stuck.

As reported, Bobby Shmurda and his two co-defendants, Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall and Nicholas McCoy, accepted the deal and avoided going to trial. As part of the agreement, they will serve a seven year prison sentence. Taking the deal also comes with Shmurda pleading guilty to 4th degree conspiracy, which carries a sentence of 1-3 years, as well as pleading guilty to a 2nd degree criminal weapons possession charge, which brings him up to a maximum of 7 years. 

Additionally, it was reported that the deal was only an option if all three GS9 affiliates collectively accepted, which could be part of why the negotiations with their attorneys were not the most pleasant experience.

Throughout this ongoing process while Shmurda awaited his fate, the rapper has maintained his innocence and has been working on both music and a movie script from behind bars.

With Shmurda recently turning 22 years old, he is currently slated to get out of jail before he hits the big 3-0.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: VIPix / Splash News)


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