Azealia Banks Opens Her Mouth Again to Say Nicki Minaj Isn’t Interesting

Azealia Banks Opens Her Mouth Again to Say Nicki Minaj Isn’t Interesting

She's also working with Nicki's ex.

Published September 16, 2016

Nicki Minaj is continuing to take the high road, and hasn’t been one this week to let negative comments bring her down. Or at least that’s what we can assume, given that she’s been silent on social media this week, unlike Rah Digga and now Azealia Banks

Yesterday (September 15), Digga threw shade Minaj’s way hinting that the rapper’s music was in fact ghostwritten by her exSafaree Samuels, and now Azealia Banks is getting her two cents in too.

Azealia Banks, after a brief hiatus from smack-talking on social media, is just as active online as ever, most recently talking about how Nicki Minaj simply isn’t “interesting enough” to start beef with.

While Banks’s comments sure do feel like she’s trying to bait Minaj into a full-on Twitter war, her actions are just as petty, recently announcing that she has a collaboration in the works with none other than Safaree Samuels.

After making the announcement she’s working with MInaj’s ex, Banks received criticism saying that she only is collaborating with him to dig at Minaj. She then responded by backing up Digga’s claims that Samuels is the one who is responsible for some of Minaj’s impressive catalog.

Another fan also suggested that Banks may as well work with Lil’ Mama next (another vocal Minaj hater) and much to no one’s surprise, Banks agreed.

Looks like old habits die hard. Take a look at Banks’s now-deleted tweets throwing shade at Minaj below.

(Photo: Azealia Banks via Twitter)
(Photo: Azealia Banks via Twitter)

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Time)


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