Wayment: Is RZA Now a Trump Supporter?

Wayment: Is RZA Now a Trump Supporter?

Say it ain't so.

Published September 16, 2016

RZA is a hip-hop god, but during this election cycle he’s made more than one questionable comment.

In July, the Wu-Tang Clan headman officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, however during a recent interview with Pitchfork Radio’s Talkhouse Music Podcast, it sounds like it was a tougher decision to choose her than most.

“To me, I don’t hear the ego,” he says of her opposing candidate, Donald Trump. “I’m like, ‘That’s New York, man.’ You could go to any pizzeria and talk to a guy like that, and you’re going to get the same thing!“ He even went on to compliment Fox News saying, “They keep it gully!”

He did keep it sane by calling out Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte for inflammatory statements he made about President Obama. “Don’t you ever get the gall in your mouth and heart to call the president of the United States the son of a whore,” he said. “Don’t never do that, kid. Come to my neighborhood, come to Staten Island with that.”

RZA seems to be all over the place. In January, he claimed that "all lives matter" and said Black men who’ve been brutalized by police need to “look in the mirror.” He would later backtrack that but not as strongly as many would’ve liked.

Listen to RZA’s full appearance on Pitchfork Radio below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from Left: Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic, John Moore/Getty Images)


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