MC Shan Blasts KRS-One for Defense of Afrika Bambaataa

MC Shan Blasts KRS-One for Defense of Afrika Bambaataa

He suggests KRS has something to hide himself.

Published September 21, 2016

KRS-One made headlines when he came to the defense of Afrika Bambaataa and the sexual abuse allegations currently floating over him.

In a July interview, KRS doubled down on his defense of the hip-hop pioneer calling the claims the several men had of abuse by Bam “accusations and gossip.” Even more misguided and insulting was his assertion that since Bambaataa was a creator of hip-hop, he should be immune to any accusations of crime.

Well, MC Shan is calling BS. During a recent interview with the Murder Master Music Show, the Queensbridge emcee doubled down on his own sentiments about the “South Bronx” representer.

“I don’t even listen to what that man say no more because I don’t respect that man,” Shan said about Bambaataa. “I don’t care what you did for hip-hop and when I used to see ‘Bam, he used to embrace me like, ‘Shan, Shan Shan,’ but you can’t even talk to me right now. You can’t say nothing to me. I don’t care what you did for hip-hop, none of that. And I keep saying, KRS-One you got something to hide, my n***a! Because for you to keep standing up for somebody that did what they did and you still standing up for this man. You got something to hide and you don’t want it to come out.”

Hassan Campbell, known as Poppy, also joined MC Shan on the program. He received support from Furious 5 member Raheim for speaking out against Bambaataa.

Afrika Bambaataa has denied all sexual assault claims. In an interview with New York’s Fox 5 News, the Bronx native gave his side of the story saying, "I never abused nobody. You know, it just sounds crazy to people to say that, hear 'you abused me.' You know my thing is you know all my people back then, you know the hundreds of people that been around me. If something like that happened, why you never went to none of them?"

Listen to the full MC Shan interview segment about KRS-One’s support of Afrika Bambaataa below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images, Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)


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