Thanks to John Legend, DJ Envy Changed His Mind About Supporting Stop-And-Frisk

Thanks to John Legend, DJ Envy Changed His Mind About Supporting Stop-And-Frisk

An example of the power of having an informed dialogue.

Published September 29, 2016

DJ Envy reacted to the presidential debates during a taping of The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (September 27), offering his support for candidate Trump’s stance to reinstate “stop-and-frisk.”

After the radio host’s controversial opinion was made known, Twitter users were quick to offer a storm of backlash and criticism, especially given the police tactic’s history of unfairly targeting the Black community.

John Legend was a guest on the popular morning show earlier today (September 29) and used the opportunity to shed some light on why stop-and-frisk is unconstitutional, bringing up the topic once more. As a result of the conversation that ensued, the musician’s wise words ended up resonating deeply with DJ Envy, who later fully recounted his support for the police method.

“John Legend is a firm supporter and advocate of Black Lives Matter,” DJ Envy began a lengthy Instagram post explaining what he learned from the musician during today’s radio interview. “I had an opportunity to have a wonderful conversation with him today where he provided me and our listeners with a great deal of useful information regarding stop and frisk. This information played a large part in me revisiting my thoughts and opinions regarding stop and frisk.”

He then goes on to detail his own experiences being stopped and searched by law enforcement, tying in how he dealt firsthand with a situation during which stop-and-frisk potentially saved his life after he was shot at with an illegal gun.

DJ Envy also addresses how sharing his original stance sparked an important dialogue regarding the different pros and cons of the police method but ultimately, thanks due to Legend, is no longer in support of stop-and-frisk.

Take a look at DJ Envy’s commendably honest statement detailing his change in perspective in the Instagram post below and be sure to listen to John Legend dropping gem after gem in the following video clip.

#DJEnvy says he has changed his mind about Stop & Frisk thanks to #JohnLegend

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Written by KC Orcutt

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