Tyga's Misfortunes Have Reportedly Spilled Over to His Mother

Tyga's Misfortunes Have Reportedly Spilled Over to His Mother

He gon' learn now.

Published September 30, 2016

Tyga is becoming just as reputed for his financial problems as he is for his relationship with Kylie Jenner — and, of course, for his contributions to the rap game.

While the rapper recently signing to G.O.O.D. Music presents a strong case that his financial problems may be a thing in the past, he’s currently still in a downward spiral — this time even affecting his own mother.

As reported, the rapper has missed several payments on a Range Rover he purchased for his mom, and as a result, the vehicle may be repossessed — something that Tyga has already dealt with earlier this summer.

According to the report, the car holds a retail price of about $60,000 with the monthly payment, as part of the lease’s deal, being $1,000 per month. While he reportedly now has an official team of accountants, managers and attorney’s on his staff in an attempt to clean up the mess his irresponsibility has made, his mom’s car may be his latest casualty to his accruing debts.

Hopefully this time around, considering his financial woes now involve his own mother, the rapper will learn his lesson so as to never have to go through this headache again in the future.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Steve Lucero/BFA.com/Splash News)


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