The Internet Has Thoughts About This Girl Dressing Up as Kodak Black

(Photo: Kodak Black via Instagram)

The Internet Has Thoughts About This Girl Dressing Up as Kodak Black

"It's just me expressing myself."

Published October 5, 2016

Kodak Black continues to win over new fans. 

Most recently, one 17-year-old student wanted to show her appreciation for the artist and his music, but her unconventional approach triggered all sorts of negative reactions online.

For a school's "Character Day," Claire Kempe, a senior at Florida's Countryside High School, chose to dress up as the rapper, rocking everything he's known for from his grills to his tattoos, save, thankfully, for his skin color.

Donning a "Free Kodak" t-shirt, a cut-off jean jacket, grills, a gold chain, bantu knots, Styrofoam cups and some of his signature tattoos, the student received tons of backlash once a photo of her dressed as the rapper began to make its rounds on the internet.

One person with a large social media following, whose original tweet has since been deleted, wrote, "It's October 2nd and white people are already trying my f**king patience." The post also included an image of her, which continues to spark a heated dialogue on social media.

"People kept saying it was racist," Kempe said. "I had never even heard of bantu knots until today — I thought I was just doing Kodak's hairstyle."

While her cringe-worthy comments show that Kempe may have missed the point during what could have been a teachable moment about cultural appropriation, others went on Twitter to share that they weren't as infuriated with her decision to dress up as the rapper as they could have been, mainly because she didn't use blackface.

"Since when white people can't dress up as rappers?" one Twitter user stated. "Lol ain't nothing wrong with this. As long as she don't have blackface, she alright."

Take a look at the photo of the teenager dressed as her favorite rapper below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo from top: Kodak Black via Instagram, sinamonnroii via Twitter)


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