Kehlani On PARTYNEXTDOOR Drama Backlash: 'I’m Never A Victim'

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 02:  Kehlani attends vitaminwater and The Fader unite to "HYDRATE THE HUSTLE" for the fifth anniversary of #uncapped concert series on October 2, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for vitaminwater)

Kehlani On PARTYNEXTDOOR Drama Backlash: 'I’m Never A Victim'

She finally opens up about her suicide attempt.

Published October 7, 2016

The first half of Kehlani's 2016 didn't unfold quite the way that she anticipated it would after dealing with inexcusably harsh backlash following the rumors that she had cheated on her boyfriend, Kyrie Irving, with PARTYNEXTDOOR.

The drama and speculation escalated so much that the young R&B singer attempted to take her own life. In the painful months that followed, the singer consciously kept out of the spotlight, even deleting her Instagram. It wasn't until recently that the 21-year-old began to open up publicly about the deeply personal topic.

During a conversation on The Cruz Show, Kehlani bravely discusses what she went through this year and why she's refusing to let herself be a victim in the situation.

"I’m strong enough – thank God – to be able to talk about it in a positive way," Kehlani begins. "And only push forward in an inspirational way and not dragging it on or a victimizing type situation, because I wasn’t a victim. I’m never a victim. I refuse to be a victim."

Discussing the situation honestly, the singer reminds everyone that during that time she was going through a very real breakup and the internet was extremely not sympathetic to the fact that she's human after all. 

"I think it was a combination of things," she elaborated. "I think, one, the response was insane. Two, I think people forgot I was a 21-year-old going through the biggest heartbreak of my life."

She also added that while "it's not too much that can hurt [her] now," she's still working through her emotions and healing from the situation one day at a time.

Listen to Kehlani's recent radio interview in full below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for vitaminwater)


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