Welp: Beanie Sigel Hit Meek Mill With Another Diss Track

Welp: Beanie Sigel Hit Meek Mill With Another Diss Track

Another one. *DJ Khaled voice*

Published October 7, 2016

Beanie Sigel is back with another diss track targeting Meek Mill, and this time he's hitting the rapper where it hurts: claiming he's done more for their hometown, Philadelphia. 

Sigel's new track, "Good Night," absolutely digs at Meek (again) about a minute and a half into the song, after painting a picture lyrically describing his earlier days when he was a young hustler on the streets.

Sigel definitely fires some intense fighting words at Meek throughout the song, including that he is the reason Meek raps in the first place and that he singlehandedly put Philly on the map. On top of that, he also says that Mill's rapping will also reflect exaggerated claims because he "ain't been through s**t."

He then takes it yet another step further saying, "Don't you ever think you're like me / I'm the dad you never had," and then saying he's "here to put the kids to bed," belittling Meek to that of a small child.

All in all, the track might be a good contender for being a textbook example of what a diss track should sound like. If Meek Mill responds, he's going to have to really bring his A-game into the studio.

Take a listen to Beanie Sigel's latest song attacking Meek Mill below.

Written by KC Orcutt

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