Another Controversial Part of the Michel'le Biopic? The Portrayal of Tupac

Another Controversial Part of the Michel'le Biopic? The Portrayal of Tupac

Daz Dillinger offers his perspective.

Published October 17, 2016

This past Saturday night (October 15) marked the premiere of Surviving Compton, the Lifetime biopic about Dr. Dre's former girlfriend Michel'le, and its debut on television lit Twitter on fire, particularly for its portrayal of a side of Dr. Dre that many of his fans and supporters may have swept under the rug over the years.

In addition to the film shining a light on the hip-hop mogul's past actions of alleged domestic violence against Michel'le, which was a part of the story Straight Outta Compton neglected to include, was how Tupac came into play.

As many took to social media to voice their anger and commentary as they watched the Lifetime movie for the first time, former Death Row artist Daz Dillinger also decided to give his two cents.

“Did you see where Suge Knight was talking to Tupac like that in her movie?” Dillinger said in a clip he posted to Instagram. “I don’t recall no s**t like that. Tupac wasn’t going for no s**t like that. I wouldn’t go for no s**t like that or we’d have a lot of fights. I ain’t heard of no s**t like that. That b***h lie.”

He also captioned the reactionary clip with, "SURVIVING @MICHELLEMUZIC UNREAL," and tagged Knight.

While Daz Dillinger is more than entitled to his opinion about Michel'le, his addressing the portrayal of Tupac in the film does bring up an interesting point that perhaps the film's decision to include the late legend in further detail than Straight Outta Compton did plays toward a certain nostalgic bias adding to the film's controversy.

During an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show last week, prior to the movie airing, Michel'le shared that she welcomes any lawsuit regarding the controversial backstory, saying that testimonials would help everyone get closer to the truth.

"I didn't want to do this movie," she said. "When I was absent from their movie, the people started talking and then they made the opportunity visible."

Take a look at Daz Dillinger's commentary on the film in the clips below.


A video posted by DAZ DILLINGER (@dazdillinger) on


A video posted by DAZ DILLINGER (@dazdillinger) on

Written by KC Orcutt

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