Things Are Not Getting Better for Kanye West and Jay Z

Things Are Not Getting Better for Kanye West and Jay Z

The reasons behind their rift are starting to show.

Published October 24th

When fans say, “I miss the old Kanye,” it’s understandable. When Jay Z says it, it’s a little concerning.

That’s what Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke claims Hov said in private about his long-time collaborator and The Throne partner. Yeezy recently called out the rap mogul for both not showing enough support for Kim Kardashian’s robbery situation and also, not providing a full verse for Drake’s song “Pop Style.”

Sources have already been saying that Jay isn’t a fan of ‘Ye’s outlandish behavior, while others are saying Jigga is more understanding. During an interview with Page 6 however, Biggs claims Jay is leaning more toward the former Kanye characterization.

“The last I saw [West], he spoke really highly of Jay,” he said. “I’m not sure about the relationship at this point. I spoke to Jay [after Kanye’s rant] and we’re both just like, ‘We miss the old Kanye.’ From what I know of Kanye, he’s usually really honest. So it sounds like something he’s going through right now. He may [say] something like that, and then three weeks later he may be back to, ‘That’s my brother.’ But at this point, with everybody’s career, we’re a little too old for rap beef.”

Coinciding with the Kareem Burke interview was Kanye West’s Saint Pablo concert in Oakland. It was there that fans say a quick slight happened as the DJ began playing The Throne’s song “N****a in Paris” and then Kanye yelled, “Next” just five seconds into it, which then led to him performing “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

The shade is real out here, folks. Here’s to hoping Jay Z and Kanye West can patch things up, because this isn’t a beef any of us wants to see.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)


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