Lil Mama on Beef With Nicki Minaj: 'I Can't Teach Older Women How to Be Women'

Lil Mama on Beef With Nicki Minaj: 'I Can't Teach Older Women How to Be Women'

The shade is real.

Published October 28th

Lil Mama’s relationship with Nicki Minaj over the past few years has been jagged to say the least. Nicki threw shade at Mama and other select female rappers after they claim Nicki stole their style (pointing most heavily to her pink hair).

Well, if you wanted an update to see how that beef is going, Mara the Hip-Hop Socialite spoke with Lil Mama recently and asked her about Minaj, among other topics. She was pretty passive about the subject but did throw in subtle jabs about the failure of older female rappers' role in teaching their peers.

“That’s petty, and I feel like these women, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, who else — many of them — they are all six to 10 to 20 years my senior,” she said. “I have so much time and space to grow, that even if someone else is ignorant, let them be because once you pass 28, 30, you begin to get set in your ways. I can’t teach older women how to be women — I can only teach the younger generation how to be women.”

Continuing on the subject, Lil Mama says she wants to be a role model to the younger generation and fight for something she believes is right.

“I feel like if that’s a responsibility I want to take on,” she said, “I need to focus on making music that reflects that; I need to focus on actions that reflect that because when you get out there in the yard and you just want to fight for something physically, you don’t look any better than the person who’s already been doing that and not making a great example for other people or putting another woman down.”

Nicki Minaj rarely responds to beef bait in interview or on social media, but it isn’t unprecedented for her to do it through music. Maybe after seeing Meek Mill attempt many beefs she’ll hop in the fray at some point. At least she’s been shown what not to do by her boyfriend (just kidding).

Read Lil Mama’s full interview here.

Written by Paul Meara

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