After His Girlfriend Cheated on Him, This Rapper Went Viral

(Photo: Poodie Ville via Facebook)

After His Girlfriend Cheated on Him, This Rapper Went Viral

Ain't no bars like breakup bars.

Published November 1, 2016

Rappers have been making music as a way to deal with relationships going sour since the genre's inception, but every now and then some just stand out more than others.

In fact, a song detailing an artist's heartache and relationship woes sometimes is enough to go viral. Such is the case with rising rapper Poodie Ville

Poodie Ville recently tried his hand reworking Kodak Black's "Skrt," after being cheated on, and laying it all out on the line is paying off big time for the rapper.

On the original track, Kodak raps, "Girl I'm done with you / Girl we done it's through," inspiring Poodie Ville to put his own twist on the break-up anthem.

On Poodie's version, titled "These Hoes Ain't Loyal," he completely flips the track, rapping, "Man these hoes ain't loyal / they ain’t nothing to invest in / She’ll tell you she love you dog, then go and f**k your best friend / Then she hit you with that line, like ‘I think we should be friends’ / So y’all break up on Monday, she sucking d**k by the weekend."

While we've heard more creative lyrics, there's just something about his honesty in his remake that is really taking off and resonating with new fans. A tweet shouting out the song has since been retweeted more than 115,000 times and liked more than 198,000 times, further proving its caption to be true -- "never cheat on a man who's fire on a track."

Looks like despite being cheated on, Poodie Ville is the one walking away without taking an L this time.

Check out Poodie Ville's viral version of Kodak Black's "Skrt" below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Poodie Ville via Facebook)


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