Why Is Bow Wow Firing Off at Kanye West and Justin Bieber?

Why Is Bow Wow Firing Off at Kanye West and Justin Bieber?

Nothing like a little rant to ring in the weekend.

Published November 4, 2016

Perhaps sparked by reactions from fans stemming from recent reports that Bow Wow, along with Soulja Boy, is asking for quite a pretty penny for making a club appearance or perhaps being sparked by Kanye West or Justin Bieber's mere existence, Bow Wow took to Instagram to share some of his thoughts earlier today (November 4).

In true Instagram rant form, the rapper bounces from topic to topic, but holds an overall vague theme that he wants to distance himself far from the reputations Ye and the Biebs alike have cultivated for themselves.

"Fans have the power to change an artist life by supporting their talent which causes money flow to the artist which also changes the artist life financially," Bow Wow begins. "The riches come from the people. This should make an artist always be appreciative of the fans. Take a pic sign something it never hurts."

While he doesn't mention them by name, it's clear he's commenting on Justin Bieber's recent antics, during which he yelled at fans for interrupting his set and storming off stage months after swearing off ever taking a selfie with a fan ever again.

"Whats funny how if I did half the bs your fav artist does id be hung," he continues. "Wake up! When you gone see your being f**ked over. Yall support artist who A. Over charge yall for everything. B. Walks out on yall shows. Shows up 6 hours late. Artist feel they can do this to y'all because of the power YOU GAVE THEM. Take that s**t back! Stop supporting the artist who don't f**k w you."

While this vaguely worded rant is intentionally left up for interpretation, it definitely sounds as if he's talking about West by referencing pricey concert tickets.

Check out Bow Wow's scattered rant in the post below and gauge for yourself exactly what the entertainer is getting at. 

👀 #BowWow with the slight shade this morning. Thoughts?

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Written by KC Orcutt


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