Ludacris Turned His Third Album Into A Restaurant

Ludacris Turned His Third Album Into A Restaurant

Grab your next meal at Chicken & Beer.

Published November 16th

Ludacris has a brand new moneymaker on his hands. 

The rapper and actor announced on Wednesday (Nov. 16) that he's opening a restaurant in his hometown of Atlanta, aptly named Chicken & Beer after his third album. The soul food joint will open its doors at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport tomorrow morning, but Luda shared a sneak peek of the venue and menu via Instagram.

"So there you go everybody it took me three years but it's finally coming to fruition," the rapper said in a video he posted to Instagram. "Anything that's worth waiting for is worth having and we are finally here, Chicken and Beer, I said it came from my third album, triple platinum album the way to a restaurant."

"I'm taking about great food, great drinks, great energy, and my employees are the best employees in the world."


Written by Evelyn Diaz


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