Birdman Facing Criticism for Buying a Gold Toilet But Not Paying Lil Wayne

Birdman Facing Criticism for Buying a Gold Toilet But Not Paying Lil Wayne

He's out here flexing before handling his business.

Published November 28, 2016

Unfortunately, this year is going down in history as the year that Birdman and Lil Wayne — one of rap music's most mutually beneficial partnerships — officially cut ties beyond repair.

In what is being referred to as a savage move by Birdman, the Cash Money label boss has reportedly dropped over a million dollars on a shiny new golden toilet — despite still being involved in a $51 million lawsuit with Weezy.

Birdman recently flexed on Instagram, showing off his lavish toilet to his crew as well as to his new signee. The clip also shows off that his bathroom is also adorned with a huge television, further showcasing Birdman's luxurious decor and spending habits.

"Rich Gang, it's no way a n***a could make this s**t up, dawg," BYT Youngin' can be heard saying in the clip.

"I said, I ain't gon' do it twice. So when I do it, I'ma give it to 'em," Birdman responds. 

While a golden toilet just might be the latest signifier of Birdman's immense wealth and good fortune, many are sounding off on Twitter that the purchase is a low blow, calling the toilet the ultimate diss against Wayne.

The duo was allegedly close to working out a deal, but Birdman called off the negotiations after he heard Lil Wayne was vocalizing his support for Roc Nation.

Your move next, Wayne?

Take a look at Birdman's fancy toilet as well as some reactions in the posts below.

#Birdman showing off his Golden toilet with his new artist that's replacing #LilWayne's spot

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Written by KC Orcutt

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