Prince Reportedly Had a Reality Show In the Works Before He Died

NETHERLANDS - MAY 29:  Photo of PRINCE; Posed portrat of Prince, sunglasses  (Photo by Virginia Turbett/Redferns)

Prince Reportedly Had a Reality Show In the Works Before He Died

Keeping Up With the Purple One?

Published December 10, 2016

Apparently, not even Prince could resist the allure of f*ck you reality TV money.

According to a new GQ profile of the Purple One's close friend and collaborator Maya Washington, Prince had a docuseries about Paisley Park in the works with Netflix before he died. The report was also verified by Netflix.

Washington says that Prince asked for her help with the show, but there was one big catch.

While Prince was willing to open up his home and studio to cameras, he himself refused to be on the show. Washington said that she offered to participate, but only if Prince did, too. She recalls asking him, “Why don’t you want anyone to see your sense of humor?” He told her, “Maya, I can’t be funny. I have to save the world.” 

While a Prince reality show might not have been meant to be, fans can still access Paisley Park the old fashioned way — by getting on a plane and flying there — thanks to the fact that the property has been turned into a museum. What's more, a Prince celebration concert has been scheduled for next year, on the one year anniversary of his untimely death. 

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Virginia Turbett/Redferns)


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