Drake's Dad Goes Savage on 'Friends' Who Didn't Cop His Single

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Drake's Dad Goes Savage on 'Friends' Who Didn't Cop His Single

Mr. Graham is on his worst behavior.

Published December 12, 2016

If you’re one of the 220,000 thousand followers of Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, or Senior Champagne Papi, on Instagram, but didn’t hit that $1.29 button on iTunes for his new single, consider yourself axed. 

Mr. Graham took to Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 11) to let all of his “so-called friends” know that he is not pleased with their lack of support for his new single, “Kinda Crazy.” It’s not clear whether he’s gauged this supposed scarcity of support from poor record sales or if he’s just not buzzing enough on the music scene. But in the post, he makes it clear that the reasonably priced single that his friends have failed to purchase has officially exposed the cheapskates.

“As of midnight tonight, you will be a faded memory,” he writes. “You know who you are, and you can also see that all you a**holes that are making what you think are funny comments has been blocked.”

The frustration might somehow be connected to a previous Instagram post where he announced the cancellation of his West Hollywood video premiere party. While he hadn’t publicly announced the reason for canceling, we’re hoping it had more to do with scheduling conflicts and not these non-supportive friends he’s speaking so ill of. But he did, however, throw an Instagram block party for everyone who dropped "what you think are funny comments" under the statement. 

SMH. Y'all really done did it now. Check out all he had to say in the post below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Aficionado Group / Splash News)


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