A$AP Ferg’s Thoughts On Kanye West’s Trump Tower Visit Are Rather Surprising

A$AP Ferg’s Thoughts On Kanye West’s Trump Tower Visit Are Rather Surprising

"Kanye West is smarter than we think he is."

Published December 14, 2016

For the most part, many people seem to think Kanye West is completely losing it after his baffling visit to Trump Towers on Tuesday (Dec. 13) that left his fans concerned.  

But Harlem’s A$AP mob cliquester A$AP Ferg believes Kanye might actually be on to something. 

The newfound relationship between Yeezy and Trump was a perplexing unexpected turn of events after his nine-day hospital stay, but Ferg thinks there may be some other motives stitched beneath Yeezy’s controversial moves as of late.

Threading a series worth of tweets to address the visit, A$AP Ferg left his mentions open for debate on what he’s calling strategic moves under a Trump presidency. Being that Trump will be the new Oval Office face, the “New Level” rapper believes it’s only right West pick his brains.

“I think Kanye West is smarter than we think he is,” Ferg began. “He’s getting closer to Trump so he can get more insight of his plans. Your take?”

He then calls Yeezy “strategic, not dumb” to explain that the sentiments were only his opinion and don’t necessarily align with everyone else’s.

“Y’all aint never seen me tweet about ‘Ye,” he wrote. “’Ye or Trump don’t pay my bills, I never was one to kiss a**. I’m just giving an opinion.”

But the RCA signee isn’t the first one to unveil unpopular speculation on Yeezy’s post-rehabilitation behavior. Rick Ross recently shouted ‘Ye out, but added that he pulled the wool over our eyes with the emergency hospital stint. Despite anyone else’s speculation, only that is time will tell now what Yeezy’s got in store for us next.

Check out A$AP Ferg’s thoughts below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Seth Wenig/AP Photo, Mike Pont/Getty Images)


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