Guess Who Wants Jay Z to Have a One-on-One With Donald Trump

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 23:  Musician Jay-Z attends the 92nd Street Y presents: "Breaking The Chains" of Social Injustice at 92nd Street Y on October 23, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Guess Who Wants Jay Z to Have a One-on-One With Donald Trump

Is this enough reason for a meeting with the president-elect?

Published December 16, 2016

Well, we guess they don’t call him the American Dream for nothing.

Especially since crooning R&B songwriter and producer The-Dream has a new hope for America’s president-elect Donald Trump and Roc Nation boss Jay Z

Revealing to Billboard that Kanye West actually has his respect for going to meet with Trump, The-Dream dropped Jay’s name for who he believes should have the next encounter with the Republican president-elect. The “I Luv Your Girl” singer explained that “everybody” should remain open-minded when it comes to a personal meeting with Trump simply to gauge an understanding of his plans for the country.

“Eventually, Ye is going to tell — whatever that is. And we know Ye is blacker than Black,” The-Dream expressed. “You cannot not go and see him. You can't. It's the same thing when the police shootings happened. I asked Jay to meet with every police chief that he could, because that's the only way. Being a leader means you still have to shake that person's hand."

He continued explaining that, despite his many efforts to reach out to Yeezy after his hospital visit, his phone calls still hadn’t been returned. He isn’t upset about it though, he said, but he wants Ye to understand that there are many people who care about him and his well-being.

“I want to send a shout-out to Ye," he told Billboard. "I know he went off on Jay about not reaching out to him. I reached out to Ye two times and still haven't heard back from him. I just want to let Ye know that, and I'm not mad at him. I'm not going to go crazy about it at my show. I love Ye to death, but he still hasn't hit me back. I'm sure his mind is busy. It's a lot of people that care for Ye, including Jay and he knows that."

The Roc Nation singer included that the speculation of Yeezy’s breakdown and its connection to his mother’s death was also the most probable case, seeing as The-Dream also lost his mother around the holidays as well. He believes that suicide and depression are so common around that time because it’s a time when families come together and is a painful reminder of lost loved ones. Once the new year rolls around for Yeezy, The-Dream adds, he believes things will begin to look up for the G.O.O.D. Music head honcho.

Check out the rest of The-Dream’s interview here

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images)


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