LOL, Someone Successfully Used Eminem's 'Stan' Lyrics on Tinder to Get a Date

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LOL, Someone Successfully Used Eminem's 'Stan' Lyrics on Tinder to Get a Date

They took it there.

Published December 29, 2016

When entering the world of online dating, one will find the possibilities are are endless.

That is especially true on Tinder, the modern dating app with a reputation for, well, being a place where anything goes. Recently, one user chose to take quite the risk by way of quoting the lyrics to Eminem's "Stan" to try to woo over his match.

Surprisingly enough, it worked — and his wit scored him a second chance with a user who caught his eye.

In a series of screen shots, one rap fan, Reddit user J_Goddard, can be seen bravely shooting his shot, twisting Eminem's lyrics to a song reputedly known for displaying a story of what can happen when affection goes too far.

While it is a bit odd, the user's witty approach magically works thanks in part to the lucky lady on the receiving end for taking the bait and creatively playing along.

"Dear [sic], I wrote you but you ain't replying," the message begins. "But I'm tenacious so I guess I'll just keep trying. Sent two messages back in autumn, you must not have got em. There probably was a problem with Tinder's serves or somethin'."

Much to his surprise, his method worked, with the reply beginning in the same vein as Eminem's controversial song.

"I meant to write, but I've been busy," the message reads. "I really like your cat, what type of cat is s/he?"

From there, it appears that the rest is history, or at least holds the potential to be.

Take a look at the screen shots of the unique Tinder conversation here

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)


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