Cash Money Reportedly Hit With Lawsuit Over 'Hoarding' Drake's Profits

Cash Money Reportedly Hit With Lawsuit Over 'Hoarding' Drake's Profits

Birdman's legal woes continue to downward spiral.

Published January 13, 2017

It appears as though Birdman's days will continue to be bogged down by ongoing legal troubles.

While the most infamous battle is between the Cash Money founder and Lil Wayne, yet another artist under the label's control has reportedly come forward to slap another lawsuit on top of the growing pile.

While Drake's personal music loyalties are a bit confusing, with the recording artist signing to Aspire Music Group over a decade ago, prior to inking a deal with Lil Wayne and Cash Money/Young Money (all of which hold distribution deals with Republic Records/Universal Music Group and have nothing to do with Drake's own label, OVO), Aspire is reportedly the subject of the new lawsuit, claiming that Cash Money hasn't been dishing out its fair share of the profits.

According to reports detailing the filing, the exact amount of money being reportedly withheld remains unknown. In the lawsuit, Cash Money is being accused of "hoarding" Drizzy's profits and also refusing to open its books, resulting in this reportedly unresolved matter having to be officially dealt with in court.

Sounds like a complicated mess. At the time of this report, Birdman has yet to comment on the matter.

Written by KC Orcutt

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