Kodak Black's Breakfast Club Interview Has Everyone Confused

(Photo: Power 105.1)

Kodak Black's Breakfast Club Interview Has Everyone Confused

Apparently, he's also Tupac's reincarnation.

Published January 13, 2017

Kodak Black has yet to cease our bewilderment when it comes to him — and his Breakfast Club appearance on Friday (Jan. 13) has proved it to us in the wildest of ways.

Arriving in a black ski mask to chop it with the radio show’s trio, Kodak mysteriously processed and answered questions in an unusual way — especially concerning his self-proclaimed beef with Lil Wayne. You would think that, after such brash commentary about the Young Money founder, his disposition would be a bit more enthused and energetic than what he displayed. However, when he was questioned on the topic by Angela Yee, he replied with a simple, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Even when DJ Envy switched the topic to a lighter subject matter, the origin of his stage moniker, he seemed completely disconnected and forlorn in answering.

“I be living for the moment,” he said in a rather muffled tone through the ski mask.

As several moments of awkward silence plagued the interview, Kodak did begin to open up more toward the end of the chat. Sharing his adoration for his mother, who he reminds everyone is “his baby,” he also spoke about his desire for guidance in the rap game from Master P. Despite this, Charlamagne must have felt the "Skrt" rapper needed some spiritual guidance as well, as the host whipped out his Bible to read a verse from Psalms 142. That, however, still didn’t stop things from becoming as awkward as possible when Kodak revealed a dubious alter-ego before the interview concluded.

“I am a clone,” he said. “I’m Tupac resurrected.”

We figured the internet wouldn’t let Kodak off too easy after that one.

Check out the interview and some of what listeners had to say below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Power 105.1)


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