Lil Wayne Has Tattoos on His Unmentionables and Here's How We Know

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 29:  Rapper Lil Wayne performs onstage during the BET AWARDS '14 at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on June 29, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET)

Lil Wayne Has Tattoos on His Unmentionables and Here's How We Know

This gets a little bizarre — even for Weezy.

Published January 13, 2017

Aside from being a part of hip-hop’s most impactful winner’s circle, a proclaimed skateboard buff and the discoverer of Young Money’s supreme rap talents, Lil Wayne is well-known for another role: tattoo enthusiast.

But after Fader sat down with the woman who helped create Weezy’s full-body, tattooed outer shell, boy do we have some cringe-worthy details for you!

It’s all thanks to Dow Hokoana, Wayne’s 51-year-old tattoo artist, who has satisfied his ink needs since 2009. In the interview, Hokoana said that Weezy’s personal assistant discovered her off of the strength of a recommendation from a fellow ink artist who liked her work. Because Weezy had been looking to cover his whole body in tats (and we mean his whole body), he had also been seeking a female artist to do so.

She also revealed that three and a half years after starting his tattoos, the “Sucker for Pain” rapper was finally ready to make things a bit more interesting and give his below-the-belt areas the official ink treatment, too. Despite the 45-minute tattoo session, she said, he “took it like a G,” as we’ve always known Wayne to do. But if you’re ever curious about what could possibly be so significant to ink on such a sensitive area, Hokoana says she’ll let him be the bearer of that news.

“I think that’s something that he would probably would want to speak on himself, if at all, so I’m going to keep that private,” she told Fader. “However, I will tell you that it’s from tip to tail, it’s an image that goes straight across the board.” She also said that Weezy’s private parts weren’t the first that she’s offered her tattoo talents for, explaining the explicit mechanics of how it’s done best. 

What she didn’t mind sharing, however, was the rather unorthodox tattoo that Weezy had drawn on a rather unorthodox location.

“I can tell you that across [Wayne’s] bum is a colorful checker-board,” she said. “The reasoning behind that is that he wanted to try color but thought it wouldn’t show up or stick to his skin tone and I wanted to prove a point, that using the correct colors and toning even across a darker surface will absolutely show up. So both butt cheeks are black square, colored square, black square, colored square, etc.”

Hokoana also explained that, as his on-call artist, she’s visited him at his hotel as late as midnight for lengthy tattoo sessions ending at, sometimes, 7 a.m. Despite her being the oddball of his hip-hop entourage and pretty absent in the world of rap music, she added that Wayne always treated her with kindness and respect during the visits.

Wow, Weezy. We never knew you had it in you — or on you, we should say.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET)


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