Soulja Boy Is Now Coming for 50 Cent

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Soulja Boy Is Now Coming for 50 Cent

He does thank him, though.

Published January 13, 2017

Soulja Boy can't seem to catch a break, nor is he willing to let a day pass without getting involved in all sorts of drama, drama, drama.

Although he is making plenty of headlines regarding his ongoing beef with Chris Brown, an interesting tension out of left-field​ that has since grown into a forthcoming celebrity boxing match, Soulja Boy recently had some comments for 50 Cent that may come back to haunt him.

Although Fif is one of the driving forces behind taking the beef between Soulja and Breezy to the next level, mainly because he finds it hilarious and wants to cash in, that didn't stop Soulja from directing his frustration toward the event's host.

Taking to Instagram, 50 Cent began to clown Soulja, reposting a screenshot of a report detailing that the rapper's home was broken into. 50 captioning the image, "See I told you Soulja Boy go booked. #TheFightStillOn," was definitely what caught Soulja's eye and set him off as a result.

"Shout to 50 for the free promo," he wrote, beginning a series of tweets. "Stupid a** n***a anybody can break in a house when nobody is there. ill shoot a n***a for my respect."

From there, Soulja goes off, mentioning how he's been training and reminding fans that he has a particular interest in his own gun collection.

"I've been training everyday," he added. "Don't get it f**ked up I can fight I just want to box professionally."

Take a look at Soulja Boy passionately responding to 50 Cent's recent post below.

See I told you Soulja boy go booked☕️🐸#thefightstillon

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Written by BET Staff

(Photos: Prince Williams/WireImage)


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