Azealia Banks Is ‘Very, Very Optimistic’ About Donald Trump

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Azealia Banks Is ‘Very, Very Optimistic’ About Donald Trump

Plus, she has a warning for Black women.

Published January 22, 2017

Azealia Banks has been paying attention to this weekend's ongoing coverage of the countless women's marches that were organized throughout the United States, and although she didn't participate herself, she has a warning message for those who did support.

Taking to ​her Instagram, the rapper brought up a valid point about being careful with "mainstream feminism," but following that brief woke moment, she goes on to explain why she's still excited that Donald Trump won the presidential election.

"Why do women fall for these white feminist tricks all the time?" she begins a series of four rants on the subject. "Now that some white dude has taken office who SIMPLY said something silly about grabbing a p***y they want to March in the streets under the guise of 'standing up for human freedoms' BUT WHERE THE F**K WHERE THEY WHEN BLACK FOLK WERE GETTING SHOT DOWN EVERY DAY LAST YEAR?? Why weren't they standing up for human freedoms then?"

While the rapper brings up a very important criticism pertaining to the problematic realities plaguing non-inclusive feminism, arguing that past protest movements such as #BlackLivesMatter did not receive as much support from white people as this weekend's marches did, she almost voids her points by continuing to support Trump, even recently stating she wishes she could have performed at his inauguration.

"Nothing has happened yet," she concludes. "I'm super duper intuitive and really think he'll do a great job. I'm very very optimistic."

She then goes on to post several other rants further elaborating on the grievances she has with feminism in general, such as asking if "intersectional feminism" even exists and explaining that she feels our country is "having one big anxiety attack."

Take a look at the messages from the desk of Azealia Banks in the posts below.

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Intersectional feminism only exists in our heads lol. The proof is in the pudding. Feminism only cares about and fights for white women. Feminism is basically white women protecting each other and keeping all other women out. Look at the numbers for that march, look how much power and strength white women have when they join together. White women could save the entire world if they TRULY wanted to but they don't. If Taylor swift said to vogue and told them to give equal opportunity to girls who don't fit the privileged white girl image what do you think would happen? DIVERSITY. If white women were on the front of americas race issue and actively worked to level the playing field - racism would be gone. That's is how much social power white women TRULY have. We don't have true diversity and transparency amongst women as a cornerstone of mainstream feminism because white women don't want it !! They like their power and want to keep it. It's dangerous to involve yourself and consume all these blanket statements about what women need deserve and want because the list of grievances doesn't TRULY represent all women. What a lot of mainstream feminism stands for is dangerous because you have these very privileged and entitled white women speaking on be half of all women and it shouldn't be.

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Last one I promise

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Written by KC Orcutt

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