Chris Brown Responds to Being Compared to Donald Trump

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - MAY 22:  Chris Brown performs during his 'One Hell Of A Night' tour at Festhalle Frankfurt on May 22, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Redferns)

Chris Brown Responds to Being Compared to Donald Trump

Making comedy great again.

Published January 23, 2017

It seems like every time Chris Brown turns around, his name ends up buzzing in a trending topic on social media, the streets of Hollywood, or, in this case, during a Saturday Night Live segment.

So thanks to popular actor and comedian Aziz Ansari, his name can now be found among the laughter and giggles of the late-night television show after Breezy was compared to Donald Trump. 

The show, which was hosted by Ansari, aired on Saturday (Jan 21), just one day after Trump’s presidential inauguration. Before taking his hat off to all of the women who participated in the national (and international) Women’s March, which protested Trump’s presidency, he segued into the conversation by likening the former reality television star’s persona to that of Chris Breezy.

“There’s a lot of people who voted for Trump, the same way there’s a lot of people who listen to the music of Chris Brown, where it’s like, ‘Hey, man! I’m just here for the tunes,’” he began in his opening monologue. “If you think about it, Donald Trump is basically the Chris Brown of politics, and ‘Make America Great Again’ is his ‘these hoes aint’ loyal.’”

It’s not often that you can throw the Virginia-native’s name into such controversial territory without backfire from Team Breezy and the R&B singer himself. But thankfully, Breezy didn’t take the commentary with any grains of salt. Responding to the comparison through an Instagram video, the Royalty crooner jabbed back at Ansari light-heartedly.

“I can’t f**king catch a break,” he said. “This n***a said Donald Trump is the Chris Brown of politics. I swear I’m getting the f**k out of here. Don’t trust what you see — even salt looks like sugar.”

Despite his comical reply, he still made sure to let everyone know that he’s definitely not here for a Trump comparison anyway.

“F**k no!,” he captioned the post. “Somebody tell Aladdin to hop off my d**k!”

Well, that went better than we expected.  

See Ansari’s Trump-Brown likening, Breezy’s response, and the full stand-up SNL segment in the videos below. 

FUCK NO!!!!!! Somebody tell ALADDIN HOP OFF MY DICK! 😂.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Thomas Lohnes/Redferns)


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