Akon and Nicki Minaj Speak Out Against Trump's Immigration Policy

(Photos from Left: John Lamparski/WireImage, Paul Morigi/WireImage)

Akon and Nicki Minaj Speak Out Against Trump's Immigration Policy

Another pair of thumbs down for Donald Trump.

Published January 31, 2017

Donald Trump’s new executive order targeting immigrants, and more narrowly Muslim citizens, isn’t sitting well with the majority of America at this point. And now that several entertainment icons have stood up to voice their dismay with the policy, Nicki Minaj and Akon can be checked off on that list as well.

Akon, whose Senegalese nativity is also tightly anchored to his Muslim faith, first pushed back at Trump’s notorious policy only a day after the signing of the order on Friday (Jan. 27). In a recent video shared by TMZ, however, the “Don’t Matter” rapper foretells a more disastrous fate for himself and many others as a result of Trump’s plan for immigrants. Explaining that Americans who are frequent travelers with valid passports, like himself, could still face the burden of foreign affairs trouble, he also feels that he may soon become a target when traveling abroad because of his American citizenship.

“All the biggest American icons become a target when they leave America,” he expressed. “I mean think about it. And that even goes to Canadian artists because, outside of the country, they look at Canada and America as one.”

Naming two of Canada’s most iconic music superstars, Drake and Justin Bieber, Akon added that, despite their non-American roots, they’d be considered “cousins” of the nation and, therefore, still in high jeopardy of becoming targets.

Speaking of Toronto flagbearer Drizzy, his Young Money labelmate star Nicki Minaj is also of the same humanitarian mind as Akon in respect to immigration status. Denouncing Trump’s policy in 140 characters, the Trinidadian raptress tweeted her message about Trump’s humanity-depriving policy.

“The most harmful thing you could ever take away from another human being is hope,” she said on Twitter. “#ProudImmigrant, #TaxPayerButICantVote, #America.”

Welp, Trump. Looks like you don’t have the popular vote on this one, either.

See what Akon and Nicki had to say about the former Celebrity Apprentice reality star’s immigration decision below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from Left: John Lamparski/WireImage, Paul Morigi/WireImage)


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