This Twitter Account Predicted Beyoncé's Pregnancy Months Ago

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This Twitter Account Predicted Beyoncé's Pregnancy Months Ago

The accuracy is chilling.

Published February 2, 2017

It's now been 24 hours since Beyoncé broke the internet with the surprising, exciting and arguably faith-in-humanity-saving news that she's pregnant with twins.

While fans and celebrities alike took to social media to process the announcement and offer their own hilarious reactions and congratulatory praise, one Twitter account briefly stole the spotlight when it was realized that it predicted this exact lit-uation months ago.

A tweet posted back in July 2016 from the mysterious fan page @BeyonceFan666 said that it saw all of this coming.

"Beyoncé is gonna announce a pregnancy in February(2017)," the tweet reads. Additionally, another tweet from the same account was posted on January 28 saying, "Beyoncé is pregnant. She told me."

While this does feel a bit odd, not to mention it's highly unlikely that Bey herself tipped off the fan account, many are looking at the account with all sorts of side-eye, wondering if it is all just a strange coincidence or if something else is going on.

Naturally, Twitter reacted candidly with a vast array of appropriate GIFs questioning the accuracy of the tweet's prediction. They also discussed other claims from the same account, including the prediction that Trump would be elected president and that the U.K. would vote to leave the EU.

Considering the account is currently three for three, many are reacting to another one of its cryptic tweets, saying, "hello from the future just to let you know [A]merica is currently crashing and burning under [T]rump[']s leadership."

While that last one is a bit safer (though still terrifying to think about) as far as predictions go, it is still uncanny that the account was on point regarding Beyoncé's announcement.

See the original prediction from July of last year below.

And, of course, see the internet bugging out of the tweet's accuracy below.

Written by KC Orcutt

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