Twitter Has Some Questions About Lady Gaga's Halftime Performance, Including 'Where's Migos?'

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 05: Lady Gaga performs during the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Twitter Has Some Questions About Lady Gaga's Halftime Performance, Including 'Where's Migos?'

See what fans are saying about her halftime show.

Published February 5, 2017

Last year's Super Bowl halftime show was dominated by none other than Queen Bey herself, with Beyoncé embracing the coveted opportunity to perform at America's most viewed sporting event on television. While the performance was made even sweeter by the announcement of her 2016 Formation World Tour, as well as the fact that people were so angered by her politically charged performance that they even planned Anti-Beyoncé rallies afterward, unfortunately the superstar singer can't take the stage every year.

This year, the torch was passed to Lady Gaga, a singer more than willing to pick up where Queen Bey left off, choosing to utilize the platform to both showcase her vocal talents, her wide collection of smash singles and leave fans wondering throughout the entire performance if she'd make a political statement or even bring out Migos as a random plot twist. You know, for the culture.

Leading up to Lady Gaga's halftime performance, many took to Twitter to wonder whether or not Atlanta trio Migos would crash the festivities, especially after a petition went viral asking the rap group to replace the "Monster' singer. Unfortunately, for Migos' diehard fanbase, Lady Gaga did the honors herself, keeping her previous promise to utilize her 13 allotted minutes solely by herself, recruiting no rumored special guests.

As the singer ran through her hits such as "Poker Face," "Born This Way," "Just Dance," "Bad Romance," and "Million Reasons," many spent the performance tweeting if she was leading up to making a political statement or not, especially considering she's reputed for being anti-Trump. Not only that, but folks also held their breath as she broke out into her Beyoncé collaboration, "Telephone," wondering if she'd bring out the singer. After all, Houston is Bey's hometown and, well, that would have been epic.

"America, world, how you doin' tonight?" the singer addressed the crowd. "We're here to make you feel good, want to feel good with us?"

During her pyrotechnic-laden performance, it became clear that she was focusing her spotlight on showcasing her talent as a performer, with some taking to Twitter to wonder if she wasted her platform by keeping it solely about the music, or if, all things considered, it was nice to take a break from America's constant and heated discussions about the state of our nation's tense political landscape.

While Lady Gaga did a great job performing, next year, hopefully the NFL will listen to the demands of the people and call on the Migos to perform at halftime.

Take a look at some Twitter reactions evaluating Lady Gaga's halftime show below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)


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