Is Waka Flocka Claiming That Gucci Mane Is 'Soft in the Streets?'

Is Waka Flocka Claiming That Gucci Mane Is 'Soft in the Streets?'

He addresses their beef in his latest interview.

Published February 8th

Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka have a long history seasoned with all sorts of beef over the years and every now and then, one or the other will touch on the subject in an interview, shining a new spotlight on their age-old tension.

Just last year, Guwop admitted that he hasn't spoken to Waka Flocka in three years, a claim that later brought Flocka to tears with laughter. Now that some time has passed following that batch of commentary this past fall, Waka has once again assumed his place behind the mic, this time questioning his former mentor's street cred in the first place.

During a recent appearance on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Waka promoted his new single, "Was My Dawg," a title that has fans assuming the track is directed at none other than Gucci Mane.

"The truth is the truth," Waka said of the one-off single during the interview. "Some stuff you gotta get off your chest or it's gonna make you, like, an angry person."

When asked directly if the track was directed as Gucci, he initially hesitated, before vaguely addressing the rumors.

"Enough is enough," Waka says. "The internet is not the streets. There's a lot of rappers looking gangsta on the internet but they're soft in the streets."

Naturally, one can only assume it was a subtle jab at Gucci. Later on, the rapper leaves less to the imagination, this time addressing Guwop by name.

"Hey, since he been out, did he shoot a video in East Atlanta?" Waka asked at the tail end of the conversation. "Since Gucci been out, did he shoot a video in East Atlanta? Alright. I'm exposing these folks. I ain't no hater, I'm just exposing."

No harm in that, right? Right...

Listen to Waka Flocka revisit his age-old beef with Gucci in full here.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Theo Wargo/Getty Images, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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