The Game and Dre3000 Help British Emcee A.M. SNiPER Make His Highly Anticipated U.S. Debut

The Game and Dre3000 Help British Emcee A.M. SNiPER Make His Highly Anticipated U.S. Debut

Check out their collaborative track, 'Foreign Dreams.'

Published February 18, 2017

While British emcee A.M. SNiPER has already amassed an impressive resume around the world, working to help spread the popularity of grime music and collaborating with the likes of Wiley, he has yet to make his official debut in the United States - until now.

For his highly anticipated introduction to audiences in the U.S., he wisely chose to team up with The Game and Dre3000 (of Cool & Dre) for his new collaborative (and aptly titled) single, "Foreign Dreams."

The 29-year-old definitely knows how to make a strong first impression, traveling to northern Nigeria in order to film a strikingly captivating visual to pair with his new track.

For the video, A.M. SNiPER featured a tribe that has never listened to rap music before, as well didn't know a lick of English, capturing their candid responses to the music. Naturally, the video footage captured was truly something special, proving that when it comes to music, unlike language in general, there are no barriers. 

"'Foreign Dreams' felt like the perfect track to execute my cinematic vision," A.M. SNiPER shared with HighSnobiety, discussing his inspiration behind the music video. "People love hip-hop; they are discovering and starting to love grime, and even though a lot of people don’t speak or understand the language, they get the flow and the rhythm. The director called the song an artistic ego trip. He thought of the foreign places he would like to visit, and I in turn felt that being so 'foreign' myself everyone is entitled to a shot and a chance to rise no matter where they come from."

Get to know A.M. SNiPER through his Game and Dre3000-assisted track in the stunning visual below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: 3FIFTY7 MUSIC)


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