This Video From R. Kelly's Latest Performance Is Downright Disturbing

SANTA ANA, CA - FEBRUARY 18:  R. Kelly performs during Soulquarius 2017 at The Observatory on February 18, 2017 in Santa Ana, California.  (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage,)

This Video From R. Kelly's Latest Performance Is Downright Disturbing

His Soulquarius appearance definitely was memorable...

Published February 21, 2017

An R. Kelly performance just wouldn't be a proper R. Kelly experience without things getting a little bit out of hand, or at least it certainly seems that way if his last couple of concerts are any indication.

Back in December 2016, R. Kelly put on quite the show in Detroit, egging on a female audience member to stroke his crotch, a request that one fan appeared more than happy to follow through with. While the video capturing the incident was a bit shocking, the performance feels like it was PG-rated when compared to his recent Soulquarius appearance this past weekend. 

As part of the R&B festival, which featured the likes of BrandyKelisMya and more, R. Kelly was certainly feeling himself on stage, calling yet again for an audience member to join in on the undeniably inappropriate fun.

As captured on video once again, R. Kelly turned his latest performance into a very hands on experience for one audience member, asking the eager fan to wipe him down, ranging from his face to his crotch.

The fan, listening to R. Kelly's sung instructions, also grabbed at his nether regions, an on-stage spectacle that judging from the singer's wide smile, he thoroughly enjoyed every second of. The close-up footage from the interaction adds to the intensity of the whole ordeal, perhaps making it even more disturbing than the singer's previous mid-concert behavior.

Many are sounding off in the comments that the singer took things too far, but judging from his past performances, he doesn't agree that a line has been crossed. 

Take a look at the disturbing concert footage in the clip below.

#PressPlay: R. Kelly went and turned his set into Simon Says After Dark 😩 #soulquarius via: @mkellys.lane

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Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage,)


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