Soulja Boy Continues to Laugh at Chris Brown

Soulja Boy Continues to Laugh at Chris Brown

He's got even more to say about the situation.

Published February 22nd

There have been several new developments regarding the prospect of a Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy celebrity boxing match over the past couple of days, namely that the once-highly anticipated event is no longer happening

As a result, both Breezy and Soulja have gone back and forth on Instagram (where their beef began in the first place) to share their own sides of the story. Even though the R&B singer has made it clear that whatever happens from this point onward happens, Soulja not only has more to say about the whole ordeal, but is finding it all so hilarious.

Yesterday (Feb. 21) news broke that Karrueche Tran issued a restraining order against Brown, with whom she used to be romantically involved, creating an unfortunate development that only egged on Soulja to continue ruthlessly clowning his possible opponent even more.

Taking to Instagram, Soulja weighed in on the situation to talk about how it all shouldn't be funny, but he finds it all to be hilarious regardless.

"This s**t ain't funny but it is," Soulja said in the clip. "This n***a wanted to fight me over this girl and she just put a restraining order on this n***a. He can't be a hundred feet of this girl."

From there, Soulja Boy recalled how the situation began by him liking one of Karrueche's photos on Instagram in the first place, saying that Breezy should just accept the loss before dropping the mic.

"Chris, take this L," Soulja said, closing out this broadcast. "Everybody suck my d**k. I'm out."

In Soulja's book, he is coming out of the situation a winner no matter what and will continue to be unimpressed by Brown's rebuttal, if in fact he gives the "Crank Dat" rapper any more of his time or energy, something that doesn't seem too likely given Breezy's latest response.

Take a look at Soulja Boy having even more to say about Chris Brown in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from Left: Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET Networks, Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for NYLON)


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