The Internet Has All the Jokes About Beyoncé Bowing Out of Coachella

The Internet Has All the Jokes About Beyoncé Bowing Out of Coachella

It's maybe the first time in BeyHive history no one's mad over a cancellation.

Published February 23, 2017

Earlier this afternoon (Feb. 23) word got out that Beyoncé is officially no longer performing at this year's Coachella festival.

While the news for some was devastating, overall, a surprising majority of the #BeyHive was not surprised, considering the fact that Queen Bey is currently pregnant with twins. The relatively lighthearted reaction to the news of a show cancellation is definitely a first for the iconic singer's loyal fan base, with many cracking all sorts of jokes about the not-so-surprising update.

After all, Beyoncé is scheduled to make it up to festival goers in 2018, with many pointing out that the new date gives her time to cook up some brand new material to debut. Plus, the BeyHive currently is zeroed in on the fact that the singer definitely 100 percent has a secret Snapchat account.

While the investigation remains ongoing to uncover her private username, take a look at how fans are hilariously reacting to the news that she chose to bow out of Coachella this year in the tweets below.

  1. The BeyHive's reaction was surprisingly calm
  2. No need to feel left out anymore
  3. This is pure facts
  4. He's with her
  5. Ziiing!
  6. A blessing in disguise
  7. There were still some tears, though
  8. Will they try it?
  9. Hmmm...
  10. Plenty of hidden meaning in that Grammys performance
  11. LOL!
  12. Anybody want to buy a Coachella ticket?
  13. Appropriate
  14. She's doing it for us, really
  15. When there's more important things to focus on:

Written by KC Orcutt



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