Papoose Isn't Here for Ebro's Commentary on Remy Ma's 'shETHER'

Rapper Papoose attends the 2016 BET awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Papoose Isn't Here for Ebro's Commentary on Remy Ma's 'shETHER'

Receipts, anyone?

Published February 27, 2017

The aftermath following seven-minutes' worth of a Remy Ma rap storm on Saturday (Feb. 26), better known as the Nicki Minaj diss track “shETHER,” was thick with anticipation of Nicki’s comeback — which the internet placed on a 48-hour deadline.

But in what was everything but quiet after the storm, Rem’s husband, Papoose, dropped a bomb of his own to keep his wife’s momentum holding firm throughout the weekend. 

Of all the jaw-dropping bars rhymed into the gruesomely penned track, eyebrows (and text messages, apparently) were raised when the Bronx femcee threw out the names of a few industry men she believes to have crept under the sheets with Nicki at one point in her career or another.

Fellow Young Money heavyweights Lil Wayne and Drake, as well as frequent R&B collaborator Trey Songz of the Pinkprint rap star were only a few names worthy of shock value. But when Rem threw out Hot 97’s most-prominent radio personality, Ebro Darden, to which claims he denied, Pap let everyone know that he had the receipts from the radio host himself.

Taking to Twitter when the dust had settled somewhat, Ebro approached the claims head on and accused Rem of fabricating the lascivious lyric involving his relationship with Nicki.

“Remy knows she’s lying,” he said in the first of his tweets addressing the “shETHER” track. “Matter of fact, the dude that told her that bullsh** she knows is a nerd! These nerd dudes always worried.”

Continuing on to share his purely unbotheredness at the claims, he did, however, give the “Conceited” rapper her props on the track.

“Now this Remy record is f**king flames though,” he said. “Y’all wanted beef, so here we go!”

Pap, on the other hand, begged to differ with Ebro’s Twitter testimony. Handing Ebro a chair to sit down in, he not only suggested the claims were true, but he had every reason to, considering that Ebro texted him with glee following the statement.

“[Ebro], you just texted me happy as hell that Remy said it,” Pap tweeted. “Now she lying? Sit down, Bruh.”

Though the radio personality appeared to halfway agree with Pap’s sentiments, his puzzling response to Pap was hazy to say the least.

“Of course,” Ebro replied. “You would be too! So you gonna book your wife for this show, or nah?”

While Nicki has yet to fire back with any official statement or song about the buzz, aside from her and Trigga Trey’s brief Twitter spat and a few shots at Rem’s musical numbers, there isn’t much of anything to verify as fact… just yet.

See Papoose and Ebro’s exchange over the allegations below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images)


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