This Rapper Staged a Confrontation With a News Reporter...To Promote His Album

(Photo: WABC-TV, ABC Local News NY)

This Rapper Staged a Confrontation With a News Reporter...To Promote His Album

He says he saw an opportunity and ran with it.

Published March 6, 2017

Despite the fact that social media makes it easier than ever to promote one's creative endeavors, sometimes a guerrilla effort is a much more effective route. Or so burgeoning rapper Majesty Da Rebel thought.

As reported, over the weekend, Majesty (real name Key Jonta Foster) made headlines for dramatically interrupting a serious news broadcast in a bizarre effort to promote his new video and mixtape.

ABC-7's CeFaan Kim was reporting live regarding a rape case when he was unexpectedly interrupted during the broadcast by Foster, who jumped into the frame while donning a hockey mask.

Naturally, the reporter was then even more startled when the rapper put his arm around him and began blasting off shameless promotion regarding his music, resulting in Kim pushing the rapper off of him. From there, the confrontation escalated extremely quickly, with footage capturing how the incident swiftly turned violent with Kim ending up on the ground.

Kim took to Twitter to share footage of the unpredictable incident, adding the statement, "This is the man who attacked me last night during a live broadcast. If anyone has seen him around please give the 7th precinct a call."

During an interview with the New York Post, the rapper shared what compelled him to do such a drastic stunt.

"The reason I did it was because I knew I’d get negative feedback from it," Foster said. "I can always flip that. I saw an opportunity and took the opportunity to promote my video and mixtape. From the beginning, it was friendly — I put my arm around him, and then he pushed me, grabbed me."

Foster then added that he feels the story is getting the attention it's getting due to his being Black.

"I’m not scared to deal with the consequences," Foster added. "They’ll probably interrogate me, ask me what happened. White guys bomb video reporters all the time. A Black man tries to get air time and then gets beat up by the reporter. I’m gonna do what I gotta do and seize an opportunity."

Take a look at the footage from the incident in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt


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