Soulja Boy Is Still Talking About Chris Brown...

Soulja Boy Is Still Talking About Chris Brown...

Their beef is pretty one-sided at this point.

Published March 7th

At this point, no matter what happens between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, it's safe to say that Soulja will always have the last word.

Yesterday (Mar. 6) Breezy took to Instagram to reveal his side of the story regarding their beef-turned-boxing-match situation, explaining that as far as he's concerned, there's "no need" for him to "disrespect" Soulja any further, especially now that the situation "isn't even funny anymore."

Although the R&B singer has stated that he no longer will be discussing the once-upon-a-time boxing match that now is no longer happening, Soulja Boy isn't so quick to let it be in the past.

During a recent concert appearance in Minnesota, Soulja Boy decided to take advantage of the fact that he had a mic in his hand and a full crowd's attention, going on to absolutely bash Chris Brown.

"I’m just here to accept this W and hand this L to Chris Brown," the rapper said while on stage. "I’m pretty sure as y’all know by now, this n***a backed out the fight like a b***h, like I knew he was."

From there, Soulja also dragged in Breezy's ex in an attempt to add even more fuel to the increasingly dying fire.

"Karrueche filed a restraining order against this crazy a** n***a…" he continued. "This n***a want to fight me over this girl and she just put a restraining order on this n***a. He can’t be [within] 100 feet of this girl. Chris, take this L, n***a."

Considering Brown's latest comments, we can assume he can't be bothered enough to "take the L" or challenge Soulja any further.

Take a look at Soulja Boy's recent comments in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo from left: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images, Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images for Fashion Media)


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