Just Blaze Says Pharrell Is the Greatest Producer of All Time

Just Blaze Says Pharrell Is the Greatest Producer of All Time

He didn't hold back in his Reddit AMA session.

Published March 16th

Just Blaze recently was featured on Reddit's longtime franchise, "Ask Me Anything" (aka AMA), where fans reached out to the super-producer to pick his brain, and he did his best to answer.

During the rapid-fire interview session, someone asked him who he feels the greatest producer of all time is. The answer may surprise you just as much as the fact that Just Blaze didn't hesitate once before typing out his answer.

When asked who the GOAT was in terms of production, Just Blaze laid it all out on the table, responding simply, "Pharrell is the greatest ever."

Interesting. As it turns out, several folks on the Reddit thread were quick to support his co-sign while folks on Twitter questioned his opinion.

Other questions that the producer answered related to what his original intended line of work was, with Just Blaze admitting he once wanted to be a computer programmer. Considering he's not a beatsmith, that definitely makes a lot of sense.

“I was going to be a computer programmer," Just answered. "I was great at it. Wrote my first video game at 8 years old. Then I got to college and realized I would have to make it all the way to calculus 3 and I sucked at math. Music was always my natural inclination but the idea of making it in the business seemed very far fetched to me as a kid. Kinda still does. But I’ve been doing OK so far I guess!"

The AMA session also touched base on his favorite Kanye West album (Graduation) and how he describes Jay Electronica's Act II album ("ethereal").

Check out Just Blaze's Reddit AMA thread in full here and learn a thing or two about the producer.

Written by KC Orcutt

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