Vevo Announces New Watch Party Rollout and Mobile Redesign

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Vevo Announces New Watch Party Rollout and Mobile Redesign

There's now more to see and do with Vevo's newest features.

Published March 16, 2017

With an influx of new projects, albums, singles and collaborations from music's key players in 2017, even more visual materials are sure to arrive at the hands of global fan bases.

Now, Vevo’s newest features will make these releases and other viewable projects from your favorite artists far more exciting with its upcoming Watch Party component and a sharp new home screen experience.

(Photo: Vevo)

The interactive live chat feature from Vevo will allow users to connect with each other to not only watch videos, but also comment, vote on their favorites,  and curate playlists in real time. On multiple-screens, this new way of viewing visual content also enables users to be in all different locations on different computers, but watching videos in sync. With different settings such as “Host Mode” and “Collaboration Mode,” users can do everything from controlling and setting orders for playlists, planning watch parties, and adding up to 100 videos to queues for even more playlist versatility.

“Watch Party at launch initially will be available on desktop,” Vevo revealed of the new interactive development, “which following a detailed analysis of user behavior, taught us that this was the best platform for the first iteration of this product.”

(Photo: Vevo)
(Photo: Vevo)

Following its late-March roll-out, Vevo will also introduce New Home, a revamped, sleek improvement for mobile Vevo viewers, beginning with iOS users. Making access to favorite playlists, videos and music content overall more seamless, the feature curates and simplifies users’ favorite Vevo fundamentals into an easy-to-use and recognizable interface. Similar to other streaming services, playlists developed by time, moods, and genres will also become more customized for users the more that they use the mobile app.

Arriving in mid-April, New Home will join Watch Party as Vevo prepares users for a transformative, stimulating viewing and fan experience while blooming into spring 2017.   

Written by Diamond Alexis

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