That One Time A$AP Rocky Fought in Jail Over Soup...

That One Time A$AP Rocky Fought in Jail Over Soup...

Must have been some really delicious soup.

Published March 21, 2017

Harlem’s rap mobster A$AP Rocky isn’t known for having the mildest of tempers despite being one of hip-hop’s most illustrious faces on the fashion scene.

So after one of his fellow New York rap stars Casanova chopped it up with The Breakfast Club, his recollection of Pretty Flacko throwing down at Riker’s Island over a bowl of soup makes perfect sense.

After explaining some of his most annoying frustrations with being incarcerated at New York’s most notorious jailing complex and tacit rules among the inmates, Cas explained how the scuffle between a 16-year-old Rocky and another inmate came about.

“So I’m standing up eating my food, just looking at everybody,” he recalled. “A$AP sit down, I say, ‘N***a, get up. Don’t sit on that s**t, come on.’”

After reinforcing the rules of no sitting on the “iron horse,” or in another inmate’s seat, to the Long.Live.A$AP rapper, he continued explaining that Rocky later on encountered beef over soup.

“I think he got into an altercation over something like, soup or something, and he was flexing,” Cas said, adding that there’s usually no one-on-one fights in jail, so the Warehouse Music Group signee stepped in on Rocky's behalf.

“So they’re all surrounding him and I’m like, ‘None of y’all touching him. He’s gonna go in there, have a fight, and that’s what he’s gonna do.’ He put in work and he won,” Cas continued. “That’s how I knew I was f**king with him after that.”

Though physical altercations with A$AP’s name on the short end of the stick have surfaced since his Riker’s Island days, it’s safe to say the Harlemite has earned his stripes either way.

Listen to Casanova’s memory of pre-A$AP Rocky’s first jail brawl at the 22-minute mark below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Barry Brecheisen/WireImage)


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