That One Time Future Brought $1 Million in Cash to the Studio...

Rapper Future attends a Party at Compound on July 17, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

That One Time Future Brought $1 Million in Cash to the Studio...

You know, just because he can.

Published March 30, 2017

DJ Khaled is in full-on album mode. What that means for everyone else is that watching the process unfold on the infamous social media star's pages is now inevitable and also, admittedly, super inspiring.

While getting to work in the studio with Future, DJ Khaled found himself enamored by how his frequent collaborator likes to gets down to business. As shared on Instagram, Future does his best work when he is joined in the studio by no less than a million dollars. In cash.

According to DJ Khaled, Future "pulled out so many bags" as a way to find inspiration while collaborating on what will eventually become the We the Best artist's new album, Grateful. Yup, that's one way to set a vibe.

Everyone's creative process looks different and one can't help but respect Future for knowing what works best for him, even if it is really doing the most flexing-wise. And, not to mention being surrounded by stacks of cash is a guilty-pleasure level of stunting that every rapper hopes to achieve at some point during their careers. Just ask 50 Cent.

Talk about redefining what a million-dollar verse looks like.

Check out a glimpse of what Future and DJ Khaled making magic (and money) together looks like in the not-so-subtle posts below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Prince Williams via Getty Images)


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