SisQo Approves of Ludacris Flipping His Classic Hit 'Thong Song'

SisQo Approves of Ludacris Flipping His Classic Hit 'Thong Song'

20 years later and it still bangs.

Published April 1st

As Ludacris is preparing himself for the next installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise to hit theaters, he decided to drop a new single to help pass the time and remind his fans that even though he's been focusing his energy on acting, he still care fire off a dope track when called upon.

For his new single, "Vitamin D," the rapper decided to pay homage to a classic, flipping none other than SisQo's legacy defining hit single, "Thong Song."

While there has been some speculation regarding whether or not Ludacris let SisQo in on the fact he'd be spotlighting the classic hit in such a major way, SisQo has since got wind of the ATLien's rework of his track.

According to a source close to the veteran singer, SisQo was pleasantly surprised when he first heard how Ludacris flipped it.

"SisQo heard the track for the first time today while rehearsing for his show in Georgia and he thought it was dope once he realized Luda was on it," the source shared exclusively with BET. "After nearly 20 years, seems like 'Thong Song' is still holding its own. Can't be mad at that."

With a guest appearance by Ty Dolla $ign, whom SisQo is also a fan of, it appears as though they've made the iconic Dru Hill member proud, with Ludacris weaving in plenty of puns and a raunchiness reminiscent of the original tune. As one can imagine based off of the single's name, he plays the tongue-in-cheek role of a "doctor" prescribing "Vitamin D" to his "deficient" female fans.

Take a listen to Ludacris and Ty Dolla $ign re-imagining SisQo's storied classic single below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Robin Marchant/Getty Images for ESPN)


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