Suge Knight's Ex-Wife Responds to Tupac Murder Allegations With a Warning

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 17:  Marion "Suge" Knight (R) and his lawyer Thomas Meserau attend a bail review hearing at Criminal Courts Building on July 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  Knight is charged with murder and attempted murder after a hit-and-run incident following an argument in a Compton parking lot January 29, 2015.  (Photo by Nick Ut-Pool/Getty Images)

Suge Knight's Ex-Wife Responds to Tupac Murder Allegations With a Warning

She believes it’s time to address the claims once and for all.

Published April 6, 2017

The debate on the conspiracy behind who killed Tupac Shakur has rapidly resurfaced following news that Death Row’s CEO Suge Knight reportedly named the two perpetrators responsible: his ex-wife, Sharitha Golden, and former head of security for Death Row Records, Reggie Willis Jr.

But now that over two decades have gone by since the unsolved murder of the West Coast rap icon, Golden is ready to step forward to set the record straight.

According to a video obtained by TMZ, Golden sharply refuted the accusations that she said have been brewing for years. Denying any involvement with the murder, she said that the conspiracy also makes zero sense considering that she already had control of a copious amount of Death Row Records.

“You know, I’m so damn sick of getting 100,000 calls about this. No way in hell I would have murdered Tupac,” she began. “For what reason?”

Explaining that Tupac’s death had also resulted in the downfall of Death Row, she mentioned that she and her daughter, who is fathered by Suge, have had to face the brunt of the rumors for about 20 years. The original report claimed that in Suge’s testimony, discovered on a signed affidavit, he accused Golden of conspiring to murder him for full control of Death Row — Pac just so happened to end up as collateral damage. Now that she says her young children have also weathered bullying at school regarding the claims, Golden asserted that this time around, she’s giving more attention to them.

“You know, I’m not one for lawsuits and giving people relevance to any stupidity — but this one deserves my attention [really] good. Big time deserves it,” Golden concluded.

Check out all that she had to say in the video below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Nick Ut-Pool/Getty Images)


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