Rihanna and Drake Ended Up at the Same Kids' Party, and Things Got Weird

Rihanna and Drake Ended Up at the Same Kids' Party, and Things Got Weird

That awkward moment when...

Published April 10th

A vast majority of us can relate to that dreaded possibility where we may run into an ex-partner at a particular function, a commonplace public establishment or simply when we are least expecting it.

While the chances of ever catching Rihanna looking anything less than her best are extremely rare — one aspect of running into a former flame us common folk have to worry about — it appears as though even she can be subjected to that awkward moment someone she used to date enters the same room she's standing in.

As reported, such was the case this weekend when both RiRi and her alleged former boo, Drake, showed up to celebrate the same kid's birthday at an intimate gathering.

While we currently have minimal insight into how each respective party handled the potentially awkward situation, it appears as though the two kept a fairly safe distance and seemingly just ignored one another. 

While their personal history together may more so be grounded in speculation, the former assumed couple definitely has matching tattoos to signify that one another certainly means — or meant — a lot to one another. Their alleged relationship was reportedly over in August of 2016, but we're sure there are some true believers out there in their fan bases that are still secretly rooting for the pair to join forces once again.

Nevertheless, celebrity or not, we all can agree running into an ex can be just plain weird.

Take a look at some footage of Drake and Rihanna showing up at the same kid's party in Los Angeles over the weekend in the Snapchat clip below.

That awkward moment when you and your ex show up to the same party #rihanna #drake

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Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Ricky Vigil/GC Images, ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images)


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