Waka Flocka Has Been Banned From a Cruise Line for This Hilarious Reason

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Waka Flocka Has Been Banned From a Cruise Line for This Hilarious Reason

Looks like this poop-related prank got out of hand.

Published April 10, 2017

Apparently even some of today's most successful rap artists can fall victim to the temptations that come along with an innocent poop-related prank.

Although such a circumstance is not the most mature to be associated with, fans are finding it hilarious that Waka Flocka and DJ Whoo Kid reportedly were punished for a bathroom-related prank so severe, it resulted in them being banned from ever stepping foot on a Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings cruise despite claiming they weren't behind the foul play. So much for innocent until proven guilty! 

According to TMZ, Waka and Whoo Kid are two out of an undisclosed amount of artists whose low brow humor got them into trouble, in turn prohibiting them from vacationing with the cruise line ever again.

During a recorded video chat, DJ Whoo Kid reflected on the prank, admitting that whoever did it certainly knew what they were doing, while also sharing that they were unfairly blamed for the inappropriate act.

While retelling the series of events, he reveals that whoever was responsible for the funny business ended up dropping a deuce on the deck, covering it with a $20 bill and making sure the scene of the crime was out of the security camera's view.

Whoo Kid laughs while saying that he believes Flo Rida is the one who actually did the heinous duty, but to this day, the real culprit remains the stuff of urban legend. We're going to go ahead and place the safe bet that copious amounts of alcohol were involved.

Take a look at Whoo Kidd reflecting on the incident that garnered him and Waka Flocka becoming prohibited guests on the cruise line in the video below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for VH1 Save The Music)


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